July 2022

All Things Internet Connected There Are 5 Facts All Things Internet Connected There Are 5 Facts

All Things Internet Connected There Are 5 Facts – Various Things When Connected To The Internet There Are 5 Actual Facts Called The Internet Of Everything That Internet Users Should Know

The presence of the internet in human life is growing day by day. Not only as a means of communication and finding information, the internet has transformed into the Internet of Things (IoT) where all objects are connected to the internet.

However, it doesn’t end there. The renewable concept emerged under the name Internet of Everything (IoE) with the ambition of connecting people, data, processes, and objects in the internet network. You need to know, IoE itself is not something new, but this concept is an ‘refinement’ of IoT.

To see more about the Internet of Everything, let’s see the full review below!

1. What is the Internet of Everything From the previous explanation, you already know that the Internet of Everything refers to the relationship between humans, objects, data, and processes that are united in a common system that is interrelated, namely the internet.

The concept was promoted because everything, not just electronic devices, should be connected to the smart internet. In other words, the presence of IoE wants to create a world with billions of sensors embedded into various devices, machines, and other objects.

“Internet of Everything (IoE) brings people, processes, data and things together to make network connections more relevant and valuable than ever?

2. The purpose of the establishment of IoE technology

Maybe you are wondering the purpose of IoE being created. According to Cisco, a global telecommunications company and the originator of the concept, IoE was launched to:

create network connections that are more relevant and valuable than ever before;
turning information into action;
facilitate data-driven decision making;
creating new capabilities, richer experiences and unprecedented economic opportunities for businesses, individuals and nations.

3. Main components of IoE

Internet of Everything has main components in the form of hardware, software, and services. However, there are four constituent elements, namely:

The presence of the community plays an important role in providing information. The data is obtained through the websites, applications or connected devices they use, such as social media.

Then, the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) algorithm analyzes the information to “understand” the problems facing society. After that, relevant content will be provided according to their needs to help solve problems and make decisions.

Certain items
Items implanted with sensors and actuators can produce information about their condition. Because the sensor is embedded, the data can be sent to others in the network.

The raw data generated by a particular device has no value. However, IoE makes it possible to turn it into very valuable. The trick is to first analyze and classify the data.

The process or stages of processing ensure that the right information is sent to the right people at the right time. In addition, the goal of the process is to ensure the best possible use of Big Data.

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4. Difference between Internet of Everything and Internet of Things

As mentioned earlier, IoE is a refinement of IoT. In this case, the two still have differences, namely:

The focus of IoT is only on physical objects;
IoE has a reach that is not only limited to devices, but also processes, data, and people.
To be clear, IoT refers to the connectivity between physical objects that send and receive data, while IoE is a broader term that includes many technologies as well as people.

5. Internet of Everything application in life

Almost all types of sectors can apply the IoE model. Some examples are:

Manufacturing industries can implement sensor functions to monitor equipment parts that need to be repaired or replaced;
Urban systems can utilize smart water and electricity meters to monitor usage levels;
Sensor methods can also be applied to logistics and shipping companies to optimize shipping and routing conditions.
The creation of the Internet of Everything is intended to further facilitate human life. Do you think it’s good that everything in this world is connected to the internet

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