Unackackable Internet Unackackable Internet

Unackackable Internet – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to enhance the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources that discuss the unhackable internet. An international team of scientists led by the University of Bristol in the UK, are making significant strides in creating an internet network that is claimed to be very secure.

Quoted from Unilad, this unique prototype can transform online communication well, and is touted as the largest quantum network of its kind.

In a report published in the scientific journal Science Advances, they describe how to use a principle known as entanglement to exploit the forces of two separate particles placed in different locations to mimic each other at exactly the same time.

This process paved the way for much better opportunities in the fields of quantum computers, sensors and information processing. Lead author of the study, Dr Siddarth Joshi, who leads the project at the University of Bristol’s Quantum Engineering Technology (QET) Labs, said this was a major breakthrough and made the quantum internet a much more realistic proposition.

“Until recently, building quantum networks was costly, time and resource intensive, and often sacrificed security which defeats the whole purpose,” he said.

That said, their solutions are scalable, relatively inexpensive, and most importantly, impenetrable. That is, it is an interesting game changer and paves the way for much faster development and widespread rollout of this technology.

Today’s internet systems rely on complex codes for information protection. Meanwhile, hackers continue to hone their skills to circumvent this system, so that cyber attacks around the world increase significantly.

Such losses are projected to soar as hackers become more proficient, and the need to seek alternatives becomes increasingly important.

For decades, quantum has been seen as a revolutionary replacement for standard encryption techniques. Physicists have developed a type of secure encryption called a quantum key distribution – which transmits particles of light, known as photons.

This process means that two users can share a secret key to encrypt and decrypt information, without the risk of being intercepted. However, to date, this technique has only proven effective between two users.

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Instead of making physical connections (eg glass fibers) between each user, the team could build a system in which each user only had one glass fiber connected to the source of quantum entanglement.

“To date efforts to expand the network have involved extensive infrastructure and systems requiring the creation of another transmitter and receiver for each additional user,” said Joshi.

Sharing messages in this way, which are known as trusted nodes, is not good enough because it uses so much additional hardware that it can leak and is no longer completely secure.

“Instead of having to replicate the entire communication system, this new methodology, called multiplexing, separates light particles, emitted by one system, so that they can be received by multiple users efficiently,” he said.

Previous quantum systems took years to build, at costs that add up to the millions or even billions of pounds. However, this new network was created in a few months for less than £ 300,000.

A Brief History of the Inventor of the Internet A Brief History of the Inventor of the Internet

A Brief History of the Inventor of the Internet – In using the internet, you should know in advance about the brief history of the invention of the internet. The following is an article about the discovery of the internet, which is currently an alternative to finding the best information that has been summarized from trusted sources.
Internet is one part of technological development. Where everyone can easily find various kinds of information from around the world. Not only that, the internet has become a link for hundreds of millions of people in the world. Through the internet, people do work, get entertainment, make calls to video calls.

Then who actually created the internet? Who are the scientists behind the emergence of technology that is very helpful for the continuity of human life today? Of course we internet users must not forget that the tools currently in use are someone’s work.

Who would have thought that the internet has been born for decades. The history of the internet may have started when you were still not born. The internet itself has been predicted by previous scientists who envision network systems around the world. Curious about how the internet started? Check out the history here.

Internet history

Know the History of Internet Development in the World

The Internet is the result of the hard work of dozens of scientists, programmers and technicians who work together to discover new changes in technology. One scientist who predicted the emergence of information that could be found around the world was Nikola Tesla. The idea of ​​a “world wireless system” has emerged in the 1900s he has put forward.

The idea was later developed by Paul Otlet and Vannevar Brush who succeeded in creating a mechanical system. Also created an easy search system in books and media in the 1930s and 1940s. The development of the internet was very large after those years when the American government used it in the military.

The role of the internet in the military is to provide the broad and accessible data that it is today. The internet system itself comes from the Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) which is also owned by the US government military. The leader in SAGE is J.C.R Licklider who has a universal networking vision to unite humanity.
In 1958, the US government created the Advance Research Project Agency which now has a major role with ARPANet. The program that was created was also in order to become a country that led the development of technology to compete with the Soviet Union which created the Sport. ARPANet itself is used to unite multiple computers so that they can be used as a single communication tool.

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Technology continued to evolve and in 1961. Lenoard Kleinrock wrote the “Information Flow in Large Communication Nets” grace test which finally became the first step in the development of the internet at large. Technology itself continued to develop until 1970 by scientists Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf.

They created the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP / IP). This communication model they created allows data to be sent across multiple networks. On January 1, 1983 ARPANet adopted the TCP / IP system and many scientists began working to create a ‘network to network’.

Earlier in 1971 the first computer virus called Creeper infected the ARPANet. This was written by BBN programmer Robert Thomas, who is conducting an experimental software that can scan itself. The term “internet” appeared in 1974 when TCP / IP was introduced. Starting from here the ARPANet developed rapidly and is used in various universities while being continuously developed by scientists.


How Can The Global Internet Be Regulated  – Beyond managing domain names and associated IP addresses, the Internet does not have much governance. Technical experts from around the world met recently in Berlin to discuss options. John Savage, the An Wang Professor of Computer Science at Brown, presented a working paper on approaches to the Internet governance question.
PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Policymakers, business leaders and technical experts from all over the world gathered recently in Berlin for the fifth Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit. Sponsored by the German Foreign Office and the EastWest Institute, a global nonprofit focused on international conflict resolution, the summit aimed to address a wide variety of political, economic and social issues that have arisen since the global emergence of the Internet.

John Savage, the An Wang Professor of Computer Science at Brown and a professorial fellow of the EastWest Institute, was a presenter at the summit on Internet governance. Savage and Bruce McConnell, senior vice president at the EastWest Institute, contributed a working paper to the conference outlining broad recommendations for how the governance of the Internet could be structured.

Savage discussed the paper with Kevin Stacey, Brown science news officer.

Could you give us an overview of how the Internet is governed today?

The short answer is that the Internet is basically not governed. One component is governed, and that concerns domain names and the associated IP addresses. There is an organization called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN that supervises this process. The creation of the corporation was supported by the U.S. government, which maintains limited control over the organization. Specifically, the government has some limited control over the root zone file. When a computer encounters a domain name its never seen before, it goes to the root zone file and from there it’s directed to machines that can do the translation from domain name to IP address. The U.S. maintains some control over the file, but has announced that in about a year it plans to relinquish that control.

Over the last decade many forums have emerged to discuss issues of Internet governance, including the World Summit on the Information Society, the U.N.’s Internet Governance Forum and others. They examined an astonishing range of issues, but none of these groups has authority to make decisions. So it’s fair to say that governance of the Internet is still evolving.

There have been calls for expanding global governance of the Internet. Could you explain what types of issues that might entail?

We ask the question in our paper: What is Internet governance? The fact is that it means many things to many people. To some it means doing something about crime mediated by the Internet — fraud, identity theft, theft of intellectual property. For others it’s Internet terrorism. For others it’s human rights — freedom of expression and protection from surveillance. The list goes on.

In our paper, we outline five broad areas of concern for Internet governance. Those include network architecture (technical issues dealing with the function of the Internet), content control (issues like spam and child pornography), cybercrime, cyber attacks (terrorism and major network disruptions), and human rights.

What are some of your recommendations on how to deal with these issues?

When you think about it, so many of the issues people are looking to govern predate the Internet — crime, human rights terrorism, etc. There do exist international organizations that deal with many of these issues already. We think that existing organizations should deal with those governance matters involving the Internet that fall within their respective areas. For example, do we need a separate agency to deal with Internet-based crime and terrorism when we have Interpol and a variety of other organizations that already deal with these things? The answer in our view is no, there’s no need for that.

The problem with a lot of these agencies is that they’re not up to speed when it comes to the Internet. So we propose that these organizations should start to air these issues in forums with multiple stakeholders who have expertise in the Internet. They should bring in NGOs, corporations, and technical experts to give input on technical, political, and economic aspects to these issues. When you create multi-stakeholder organizations like these, you bring expertise that governments and agencies don’t have. As a consequence, they can make better decisions and move forward more rapidly.

For those issues dealing with the technical aspects of network architecture, we recommend multi-stakeholder oversight of existing technical organizations like ICANN. However, we recommend that oversight bodies dealing with such organizations only have the right to accept or reject technical recommendations, not change them. Such recommendations should only be modified by qualified technical people.

What are the advantages to this decentralized approach?

Internet governance today is very complex, largely because it encompasses a large variety of issues. The likelihood of reaching agreement on them increases if we can simplify the landscape. To us, that means disaggregating governance into a small set of important issues, including those we outline in the paper. That increases the odds that existing international bodies can deal with most of them. Multi-stakeholder participation in each of these bodies brings the expertise and concern found among the citizenry and nongovernmental organizations to bear on complex Internet governance issues. We would hope that that could be done in a way that encourages openness, transparency, and inclusiveness.

If one organization governs all of the Internet, some governments may be tempted to try to capture control of this organization and, thereby, have too great a say about Internet governance. For example, the governments of Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and others have advocated consolidating Internet governance under the International Telecommunications Union, a United Nations organization that currently oversees telephony and other matters of international communications. We would argue that isn’t a good approach, given the diversity and complexity of the issues at hand.


Which regulates the running of the Internet – Because the Internet is not a single infrastructure, it is easy to lose track of everybody involved in Internet Governance. Yet, nothing beats the multi-stakeholder approach, according to dotmagazine’s Mathias Röckel.

An attempt to describe the Internet in one sentence: The Internet is a cross-national infrastructure of cables, routers, switches and servers that rely on multiple services, applications, standards and protocols that allow anyone to exchange data with anybody else, and it is impossible to say who runs or owns the Internet or even understand and agree upon everything necessary to keep it running – which doesn’t keep us from trying.

Keep us from trying? Who is “us,” exactly? It’s hard to say. Just like there is no single central Internet, but rather a variety of autonomous networks, there is no single central party governing the Internet. Instead, we have ICANN with IANA, IETF, IGF, W3C, and the ITU, to name just a few. For a longer list, visit Wikipedia, but don’t count on that list being complete.

As for eco – Association of the Internet Industry: eco actively supports and participates in a number of international committees, such as the IGF, whose last meeting took place in Mexico in December. Michael Rotert, eco’s Chairman of the Board, was there to represent the Internet industry in discussions that ranged from multi-layered IT security connections to sustainable development and human rights in the digital age.

Multi-stakeholder approach
Conferences like these display the full diversity of Internet stakeholders and leave no doubt that fair and efficient Internet governance is not achieved by centralizing power, but rather by working on the multi-stakeholder approach. It won’t come easy, but we are making good progress.

“The open and self-regulating multi-stakeholder approach needs constant improvement and adjustment. Stronger cooperation is already taking place at all levels. The Internet has become ubiquitous, and digitalization is advancing in all areas. For this to succeed, open discussions need to continue at all levels,” Michael Rotert stated at the Mexico conference. (Read and listen to Michael Rotert on the work of the IGF)

For more on the major players in Internet governance and the multi-stakeholder approach, see “A Quiet Global Revolution” and “The Why, How, and Who of Internet Governance”

Nationalization of the Internet
With stakeholders coming from all countries in the world and different political, social and industrial backgrounds, consensus is often hard to reach. Even basic principles such as openness, transparency, and neutrality are the subject of ongoing negotiations and, as can be expected, interpreted differently in different parts of the world. Germany and other European countries are no exception. Attempts to nationalize the Internet are frequent, and these come from politics, the industry, and also Internet users.

Klaus Landefeld, eco Director of Infrastructure and Networks warns:

“Irrespective of the world region, be it North America, Europe, Russia or China, national regulations and requirements are being toughened to a point where navigating the thin line of lawful operation on a global scale is becoming close to impossible for a multinational service. As difficult as it may be in the new world order of “my nation first” – it is imperative to quickly resolve these conflicts, to find a common ground for internationally acceptable rules and regulations in order to ensure the survival of cyberspace as we know it.”

Self-regulation initiatives
One very successful area of self-regulation is the Internet industry’s processes for dealing with illegal online content, through the complaints offices of the global INHOPE network, for example.

“Self-regulation of the Internet is very important,” according to Alexandra Koch-Skiba, Head of the eco Complaints Office. “It is not only the basis of the eco Complaints Office [but even more] it is the approach of our members. Many years ago, they talked about the best way to fight illegal content, and one of the results was the founding of the eco Complaints Office, and we still stick to the self-regulatory approach. So it’s us who inform the providers, instead of governmental authorities. It is a very, very fast approach, and being fast when it comes to illegal content is one of the important things.”

(Listen to an interview with Alexandra Koch-Skiba on the work of the eco Complaints Office and the INHOPE Network)

Another area where self-regulation has proven to be successful is in the area of security and abuse. According to Wido Potters, who established the free-to-use, open source network abuse support project AbuseIO,

“Abuse is becoming increasingly problematic on the Internet. It consumes large amounts of resources and reduces the public trust in the online world. This negatively affects businesses worldwide, especially the Internet industry. For quite some time, Dutch Internet industry organizations have been have been warning the industry that if they do not solve the problem themselves, the politicians will solve it for them. It is likely that their solution will not benefit the industry.”

(Read Wido Potter’s article on AbuseIO)

Another recent initiative is the Healthy Domains Initiative (HDI), established by the Domain Name Association, with its recommendation of “Healthy Practice Areas for Domain Registries and Registrars”. According to Mason Cole, Vice-President of Donuts and Chair of the DNA Healthy Domains Initiative Committee

“While HDI is designed primarily to advance the safe and beneficial evolution of the domain name system, its secondary goal is to demonstrate to Internet stakeholders the capability of industry operators to effectively self-regulate. HDI is not under the aegis of ICANN or any other regulator — it’s an industry-led program that operates independently, guided by the organizations that have the operational experience to help keep the namespace healthy.”

After the initial launch of the initiative at the beginning of February 2017, changes were made to the set of “Healthy Practices” based on the feedback from the domains community. (Read more about the HDI in Mason Cole’s article on the subject)

Openness and Transparency
If you want to implement better security methods, all companies have to support them. No ISP can do this alone

Openness and transparency are also two principles held dear by supporters of open source solutions. Vittorio Bertola of Open-Xchange believes that software-as-a-service solutions used by hosting, service providers and telecommunications should be based on open source.

“As we make some fundamental free building blocks of the net, such as Dovecot and PowerDNS, and as we power the email, collaboration, and domain name resolution of many of the biggest ISPs around the world, we put some real effort into making our software open, secure, and free (as in free speech) as much as any company could,” says Bertola . “Email security, in particular, is a field that can only advance by bottom-up cooperation. … If you want to implement better security methods, all companies have to support them. No ISP can do this alone, at least not if you still believe in the traditional principles of the Internet.”

(Read Vittoria Bertola’s article on Internet governance)

Privacy, integrity and trust – they may be among the most important goals we should set when we try to improve Internet governance. Because after all, when we turn on our Internet devices, we don’t ask ourselves, “who rules the Internet?” What we really want to know – “Is this thing safe?”

The best way to get rid of illegal content
Illegal Internet content is not only damaging to the industry. It can also be very dangerous, especially when personal privacy is at stake. Of the many strategies suggested and tested, one sticks out as exceptionally successful: user integration combined with self-regulation.

How is it done?

1) Users encounter illegal content online, for instance, a racist statement in a forum, a disturbing image, or spam.

2) Users report that content to their respective Complaints Office, such as the eco Internet Complaints Office: https://international.eco.de/internet-complaints-office.html.

3) The Complaints Office will then examine the content and take measures such as getting in touch with the content provider or the hosting provider and the appropriate law enforcement agency. The goal is to take the content offline.

Does it work?

In the second quarter of 2016, the eco Complaints Office received reports of 175 cases of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) online, 42 % of which were hosted in Germany. 96 % of these cases were offline within one week.

How about international cooperation?

The Internet crosses borders and so does the Complaints Office Community. More than 45 Complaints Offices from 40 countries are united under the umbrella of INHOPE – the International Association of Internet Hotlines. Members collaborate with each other via INHOPE. As a result, complaints can be pursued in the land of origin.


Digital Marketing Guide and How To – Forget old marketing methods like the ATL (Above the line) or BTL (below the line) method. The advent of digital technology has significantly changed the way businesses market their products using omnichannel, multi-format and multi-platform. Check out the full review in the following digital marketing posts.

What is meant by digital marketing

Digital marketing is actually a promotional activity for a brand or a product using electronic (digital) media. Decades ago, digital marketing media was very limited, namely television or radio which could only convey information in one direction.

Nowadays, with the very rapid development of digital technology and wide acceptance from almost all levels of society, it is no doubt that making a digital marketing model is one of the main channels.

Some examples of marketing techniques included in digital marketing:

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  • Print media promotion
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  • Email marketing
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  • and others

Advantages of Digital Marketing vs Conventional
Unlike advertisements in newspapers, flyers, brochures and the like, marketing strategies using digital media, especially online, can be measured precisely even in real-time.

By using digital media, you can find out how long your video product ad is watched, what percentage of sales conversions are from each ad, and of course you can evaluate which ads are good and which are not.

The ability of digital marketing for tracking is certainly very helpful for business people in calculating ROI (return on investment) from the company’s marketing budget.

Apart from the ease of evaluation factor, the wide geographical reach is also one of the advantages of digital marketing. By utilizing digital media, you can spread your product content / brand around the world with just a few clicks.

For this reason, old offline marketing methods have even been completely abandoned by certain companies.

How to Get Started with Digital Marketing
If we talk about digital marketing, as discussed in the article above, this spectrum is very broad. Therefore, it is important for a digital marketer to know the techniques and resources a company needs so that digital marketing can run well.

One of the important elements in digital marketing is assets, identify what digital assets you have, and start to focus on just a few assets, as mentioned in the article how to start a business on social media.

Some of the assets in digital marketing:

  • Website
  • Blog posts
  • Social media accounts
  • Brand identity (logo, company profile)
  • Online footprint (reviews / feedback from customers etc.)

If you already have some of the assets above, all you need to do is optimize these assets to build the brand you have.

For example, for business websites and blogs, regularly write articles that will attract your potential customers. Or through social media such as Instagram, make interesting and share-able short photos and videos.

Another thing that is quite important, if you are active in a public forum or marketplace, then try to have your business profile have a good rating and reviews from customers.

Because it is also a sign that your brand image is good or not in cyberspace. If you have started to understand digital marketing, it’s a good idea to know the components of digital marketing expenses and prices as a basic reference.

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Empirical expertise, even though crucial, isn’t sacrosanct as devoid of theoretical knowledge only therefore much information may be gathered in the typical life .

Civilization has continued to evolve over time plus this also was like a result of the transference of technical knowledge via theoretical means using the publication as a moderate. Ahead of the discovery of the internet and computer it turned out far harder to acquire knowledge. Paperbacks some-times had minimal editions: especially those that had exclusivity. Together with the arrival of internet libraries that the”publication search” and also”knowledge sharing” has gotten less complicated.

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Employing Voice-Of-Customer Insight to Strengthen Your Search Engine Optimisation – The function of voice-of-customer programs is to aid marketers and SEOs learn what exactly is, and isn’t, working with their website.

Advice acquired by executing such’listening’ and information gathering methods can subsequently then be utilized to share with testing and optimization apps. Then if should companies look into gaining recognition of client insights?

Bounce rates and rankings

Several brands often realize their webpage have been rank well for a principal, specific keyword -this often suggests that your website is getting a great stream of traffic, however there’s a problem: a high bounce rate. Bounce levels make reference to people who just click on your site after finding this at the hunt outcome and then fundamentally render immediately. Because large bounce prices are associated with low quality or immaterial websites, they will eventually start affecting your PageRank. Search motors quickly identify web sites having higher bounce rates and rank them reduce accordingly. Analytics programs are usually extremely helpful when it has to do with indentifying issues and could show you in-depth stats on appointments, bounce speed along with time-on-site. But however, analytics find it impossible to let you know why folks are leaving your own website. Enter voice-of-customer (VoC) programs.

Advice direct from your Clients to Provide context to the data

By implementing Voice of customer programs, your manufacturer will have the ability to understand in the place of simply being aware of why particular actions are o are perhaps not being accepted by your consumers. These tips can subsequently be fed right back into your channels. Once you are mindful of what should shift, you need to use the data to take care of landing page optimization jobs to improve SEO landing webpages and even aid address problems with low participation (high bounce rate, poor conversion, even low each visit value etc).

Surveys and Polls

The absolute most obvious and something among the best strategies of getting valuable info and comments from the consumers are to inquire to take role in surveys and polls. Polls are useful for special information needs as opposed to surveys which can ask customers to respond wider and more subjective questions. The most optimal/optimally method to publicize your new surveys is always to mail them through your email . Many one’s brand’s opt-in data-base likely includes of your loyal and engaged customers, which is the reason why it is reasonable to invite their valued suggestions. It’s upto you on if you want to incentivise survey engagement or perhaps not – whether the possibility of winning a decoration will undoubtedly convince lots more than customary to engage, it could be contended people who perform polls for now potential profit could offer the most genuine response.

Popup exit survey

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Strong polls can be included on your website at which users can fulfill them out whenever they really want. These polls can take the sort of dangling side bars that may be expanded on click, or they can be inserted into the My Account area of this site for users who have already registered a profile on your site.

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It’s essential to realize that plenty of sites are supplying totally free on-line novel scanning. Try out clicking as much connections as you can. 1 other part is that the broad knowledge, which is shared on line. You may discover novels in various languages and the possibility to read in your own language. As an instance, in case there’s a publication in Russian, a traditional masterpiece, you are able to easily transform it in your language via online selection of language. Most probably, it’s going to be found in English. Obviously, other languages may also be there for a very far thorough study.

The actual fun is based on reading books publicly. You need to pay nothing, no moment change, just a simply click and your novels are downloaded or you are able to read online. If you are using apple or android tech, then it is easy to add them or bookmark them into your bookshelf. The accessible books consist of literary literature, English literature and of course World literature. There’s another option for downloading academic books, study guides, missions and additional relevant study material. You will find other search engines like Yahoo or Bing to decide to try your fortune too, apart from Google.